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We have generated Over R150,000 in client revenue

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Why Is Search Engine Optimization Important for Online Businesses Today?

As a business functioning online, your online presence has a major impact on the growth and overall success of your business. It all boils down to how easily your target audience is able to find your company. Logically, your audience has to be aware of your brand before they can do business with your brand. That’s where ecommerce seo comes in. Performing a simple seo audit can tell business owners tons of valuable information. Such as, how visible their online content is to their audience, and how well it is performing.

Our SEO can help our business grow by focusing on key three areas

Higher Search Engine Ranking

The way your website generates traffic is by becoming visible on search engine result pages

Quality Website Traffic

Measurable Results

Is Being Active On Social Media Platforms Important To Your Business?

If you have been using social media for a while now, you’ve probably seen and interacted with a business page’s post or ad- especially if it was a brand you like! Your target audience is no different. They like engaging with brands they favor and trust. But how do you create that brand-consumer trust?

That is where social media marketing, or also commonly known as SMM promotion, comes in. This specific digital marketing method aims to increase brand awareness and establish brand trust by building a solid social media presence for your brand. But really, how important is a social media for a business like yours? Let’s check out these statistics.


66% of Facebook users

say that they Like or Follow a brand on this social platform.

90% of Instagram users

say that they follow a business on this social network, which also translates to IG users being keen on interacting with brands they like.

53% of users

say they purchased a product they first discovered on Twitter.

89% of online marketers

state that Instagram has been a very effective social media platform for influencer marketing.

74% of Facebook users

state that they check their Facebook accounts every day.

77% of Twitter users

say that they feel more positive about a certain brand when their Tweet has been replied to.

90 million of LinkedIn users

are senior-level influencers, while 63 million of them are in decision-making positions.

89% of Pinners

have reportedly made a purchase based on the content they saw from brands on Pinterest.

The statistics say it all! An effective social media marketing strategy indeed plays a vital role in growing your brand and revenue. And when we say an effective social media marketing strategy, it should be more than just publishing posts and creating social ads. It needs to be fresh, targeted, engaging and personalized to your brand. Our social media services can help you.

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